März 2002 – tanzen, tanzen, tanzen

Tag: 20.03.2002

Zeit: 20-21 Uhr

Tanz mit dem Schafsmann, der neue Roman von Haruki Murakami ist 
in Deutschland veröffentlicht worden.
band track record titel year label typ
Pere Ubu Modern Dance The Modern Dance 1978 Mercury 12 inch
The Fall How I Wrote Elastic Man How I Wrote Elastic Man 1980 Rough Trade 7 inch
Gang Of Four I Found That Essence Rare Entertainment! 1979 EMI 12 inch
Bastro (I´ve) Ben Brown Rode Hard And Put Up Wet 1988 Homestead 12 inch
Rapeman Steak & Black Onions Two Nuns & The Pack Mule 1988 TORSO 12 inch
Drain Instant Hippie Pick Up Heaven 1992 Trance Syndicate 12 inch
Cop Shoot Cop Every body Loves You Ask Questions Later 1993 Big Cat 12 inch
Nirvana Milk It In Utero 1993 DGC 12 inch
TAR Static Handsome 1988 Amphetamine Rept. 12 inch
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Full Grown Orange 1994 Matador 12 inch
Make Up Untouchable Sound Untouchable Sound 1998 Woo Me 7 inch
Unsane Alleged Scatered, Smothered & Covered 1995 Amphetamine Rept. 12 inch
Mudhoney Hate The Police Plays „Hate The Police“ n.b. Augogo 12 inch

Juni 2001 – Special für einen Freund³

Tag: 22.06.2001

Zeit: 20-21 Uhr

bandtrackrecord titelyearlabeltyp
Sexual Surrogatefriend³knochenleitung1999SSCVinyl
Simple Mindslove songLove Song1981Virgin7 inch
David Bowieyoung americanRare1982RCAVinyl
Andreas Dorau & die MarinasFred vom JupiterFred vom Jupiter1981Teldec7 inch
Boss Hogget it while you waitWhiteout1999City SlangVinyl
P.W.Long´s Reetfootshakin´s fearsWe Didn´t See You On Sunday1997Touch & GoVinyl
Fall, Thethat manTotale’s Turns1979/1980BaseVinyl
Zoffystairway to heavenVery Best Of1999AMCDCD
U.S. MaplebabeAcre Thrills2001Drag CityVinyl
J. Mascis & The Fogwaistin´More Light2000City SlangVinyl
Roland & Geo house of the rising sun 2001ohne titeltape
V/A – We Will FallMonster Magnet – Gimme Dangertribute to the stooges1997RoyaltyCD