August 2021 – Alles Grau!?

The Fall – Hit The North

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Swans – I Crawled

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Wolfmanhattan Project – Now Now Now
Demon’s Claws – Fucked On K

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Enon – Mr. Ratatata
Foetus – Shun

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Sonic Youth – Master=Dik EP Seite B
B1 Beat On The Brat
B2a Under The Influence Of The Jesus And Mary Chain / Ticket To Ride / Master=Dik (Version) / Introducing The Stars
B2b Ringo / He’s On Fire / Florida Oil Drums / Westminster Chimes
B2c Chinese Jam
B2d Vibrato / Guitar Lick / Funky Fresh
B2e Our Backyard
B3 Traffik

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Algiers – Plaque Years
Holly Golightly – Walk A Mile
Isobel Campbell And Mark Lanegan – Deus Ibi Est

Häschen – I Greet You
James Brown – I Don´t Mind

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Spiritualized – So Long You Pretty Thing Pt.2

Radio Juni 2014 – Mick Collins – Spezial

Hallo Freunde,

aus dem Tal des Jammerns! Dies ist seit langem eine Sondersendung zu einem Künstler, Mick Collins!
Mick Collins – Wikipedia

S Y P H – Zurück Zum Beton
The Rolling Stones – The Storm
The Screws – The Storm

The Dirtbombs – Start The Party
The Dirtbombs – Get It While You Can
Speedball Baby – I´M Addictive

Andre Williams – Whatcha Gonna Do
Spiritualized – Yeah Yeah
Spiritualized – You Lie You Cheat

The Gories – You Little Nothing
The Dirtbombs – Natural Man
The Dirtbombs – THe House At A Giant Bong (Dance Mix)

Philip Lynot – Ode To A Black Man
The Dirtbombs – Your Loves Belong Under A Rock
Sly & The Family Stones – Underdog

The Dirtbombs – Thunder In The Sky
Iggy & The Stooges – Rawpower

The Fall – I Can Hear The Grass Grow
The Fall – Clasp Hands

The Dirtbombs – Vixen In Space
The Dirtbombs – I Can´t Stop Thinking About It
The Dirtbombs – She Blinded Me With Playtex

Blacktop – No One Knows Your A Dog
Blacktop – Flagpole Hill

The Dirtbombs – It´s Not Fun Until They See You Cry
The Dirtbombs – Ever Lovin´ Man

The Gories – Hey Hey, We ´re The The Gories
The Gories – You Make It Move

The Screws – I See You Baby
The Srews – Ramona Say

Blacktop – Mojo Kitty
Blacktop – Blazing Streets
Blacktop – From Beyond

The Dirtbombs – My Heart Burns With Deeps Of Lurve