Januar 2022 – Unarmed

S Y P H – Zurück Zum Beton

The Fall – Slates, Slag, Etc.

Son Lux – Side A No6
Lonley Guest, Tricky – Pre War Tension
AESOP Rock x Blockhead – Oh Fudge

Nils Damage – 19 – 22 Drop Me Back

Human Impact – Recognition

A Place To Bury Strangers – End Of The Night

Cherubs – Die Robbin
Cocky Bitches – TV is OK

Simple Minds – Kant-Kino & Room

The Armed – Bad Selection & The Music Becomes A Skull

Lonely Guest, Tricky – Atmosphere
Son Lux – Side A 4
AESOP Rock x Blockhead – More Cycles
The Armed – All Futures
A Place To Bury Strangers – End Of Night
Cherubs – Sooey

Spiritualized – So Long You Pretty Things Pt. II

Mai 2021 – angenehm für alle Hörer

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The Fall – Lost In Music

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Bartees Strange – Mustang

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Bartees Strange – Flagey God
The Armed – All Ftures

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Dinosaur Jr – To Be Waiting
Der Plan – I Want To Sing Like Ella
USA/Mexico – Chorizo

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Mesamorph Enduros
Cop Shoot Cop – Room 429
Melvins – Vile
The Jesus Lizard – Nub
Hammerhead – Louse

Helios Creed – Sister Sarah
Tad-Pig Iron
Foetus – Incesticide

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Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 – Nothing Solid
Laughing Hyenas – Candy
Drunk Tank – Hog Ditch
Of Cabbages And King – The Reign

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Barkmarket – Johnny Shiv
Unsane – Bath
Motherhead Bug – Blister

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Bartees Strange – Far

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USA/Mexico – Del Rio

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April 2007

Blondes - I Just Wanna Stay At Home
Jay Reatard - Oh It´s Such A Shame
Unsane - Backslide
Hella - 
TV On The Radio - Satellite
Psychedelic Furs - President Gas
PW Long - 10 AM
Black Diamond Heavies - All To Hell
Neil Young - Old Man
Fall - Mad Mook Goth
Seasick Steve - My Donny
Guitar - See, Sea Me And Be

August 2002 – Diverses aus der Single-Kollektion

Tag: 21.08.2002

Zeit: 20-21 Uhr

Etwas gewühle in meiner Singlesammlung. Da wird mal wieder mein ach so enges Spektrum deutlich.
band track record titel year label typ
Fall, The Wrong Place, Right Time Jerusalem (Box) 1988 Beggars Banquet 7 inch
Primevals, The Diamonds, Furcoat, Champagne Diamonds, Furcoat, Champagne 1987 New Rose 7 inch
Samiam Insightful Too Many Buttons 1989 Look Out 7 inch
David Bowie Boys Keep Swinging Boys Keep Swinging 1979 RCA 7 inch
Killdozer Lupus Yow! 1989 Touch & Go 7 inch
Superconductor The Most Popular Man The Most Popular Man… 1990 Scratch 7 inch
Pain Teens Sacrificial Shack Sacrificial Shack 1991 C/Z 7 inch
Dickless I`M A Man I`M A Man 1990 Sub Pop 7 inch
TAR Non Alignment Pact Solution 8 1991 Amphetamine Rept. 7 inch
Mule Tennessee Hustler Tennessee Hustler n.b. Nocturnal 7 inch
Bitch Magnet PEA Valmead b/w PEA 1989 Communion Label 7 inch
Snailboy Kept Turd Kept Turd 1991 SFTRI 7 inch
Unsane Sick Sick 1996 Man´s Ruin 7 inch