Mai 2007

The Fall - Reformation
Iggy Pop - Five Foot One
Dinosaur Jr. - Been There All The Time
Big Stick - Jesus Was Born (On An Indian Reservation)
The Fall - White Line Fever
Spaceman 3 - Take Me To The Other Side
Stooges - nIOT rIGHT
Steel Pole Bath Tub - Paranoid
Big´N - Moonshine

The Fall - My Door Is Never
Appalachians - Railroad Bill
Dinosaur Jr. Back to Your Heart
Stooges Louie Louie

März 2007

Jay Reatard - Blood Visions
Dinosaur Jr. - Lotta Love
Ride - Eight Miles High
Black Diamond Heavies - Fever In My Blood
Spencer Dickinson - I´m Not Ready
TV On The Radio - Starring At The Sun
Railroad Jerks - Gun Problem
Fall - Carry Bag Man
PW Long - Crazy Tonight
Doo Rag - Sam
Black Diamond Heavies - White Bitch
PW Shake
Jay Reatard - My Family

Dezember 2002 – Best Of 2002

Tag: 18.12.2002

Zeit: 20-21 Uhr

Diese Sendung ist den aktuellen Scheiben des Jahres gewidmet. Mein Fazit vorweg, es war für mich
ein recht entäuschendes Jahr an neuen Scheiben. 
Wer denkt es dürften doch nur Scheiben aus dem Jahr 2002 sein, dem sei gesagt, das die 
Jahreangabe oft auf´s Produktionsjahr abzielt.
band track record-titel year label typ
Butthole Surfers Shit Like That Weird Revolution 2002 Hollywood 12 inch
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Tore Up & Broke Plastic fang 2002 Stumm CD
Mclusky Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues Mclusky Do Dallas 2001 Too Pure 12 inch
J. Mascis & The Fog Everybody Lets Me Down Free So Free 2002 City Slang 12 inch
XZIBIT Break Yourself Man vs. Machine 2002 Epic CD
Spiritualized Do It All Over Again Let It Come Down 2001 Arista 12 inch
bonnie d. Gabi 21 3 Track Promo 2002 eigen CD
Firecracker Slide basics 2002 n.b. CD
Gogoairheart The Depression Exitheuxa 2002 GSL 12 inch
Blood Brothers Meet Me At The Waterfront After The Social March On Electric Children 2002 Three One G 12 inch
Cutthroats 9 Believe Anger Managment 2001 Reptilian 10 inch
Mudhoney The Straight Light Since We´ve Become Translucent 2002 Sub Pop 12 inch
Butthole Surfers Dracula From Houston Weird Revolution 2002 Hollywood 12 inch
T. Rex Christmas Bop Christmas Box 1990 n.b. CD