Juni 2022 – Menschlicher Einfluss

S Y P H – Zurück Zum Beton

Lightning Hopkins & Barbara Dane – I´m Going Back Baby

Human Impact – Transist
Metz – Draw Us In

Tyler, The Creator – Running Out Of Time

Spiritualized – Das Lied In A (Lagen in deinen Armen)

The Fall – Second House Now
Cheer-Accident- Dream Police

Psychic Graveyard – Strangest Hobbies
!!! – It´s Grey, It´s Grey (It´s Grey)

USA Nails – A Two Footed Jump Straight Into A
!!! – This Is Pop 2

Tricky – Diss Never (Dig Up History)
Tricky – Bury The Evidence
Tricky – Something In The Way

Foetus Under Glass – Spite Your Face

Tyler, The Creator – Momma Talk
Tyler, The Creator (feat. Daisy World) – Rise!

Jon Spencer & The Hitmakers – Layabout Trap
Lightning Hopkins & Barbara Dane – Jesus Won´t You Be Come By Here

Spiritualized – So Long You Pretty Things Pt. II

Mai 2022 – Mixed Double

Bis auf das erste & das letzte Lied alles Schallplatten.

S Y P H – Zurück Zum Beton

The Fall – Groundsboy
The Blue Rondos – Little Baby

Monster Magnet – Death
The Warlocks – Inside Outside

Je$u$ – After School Special
Wiki – Never Fall Off

Spiritualized – Das Mainlied / Lockdown Lied

APTBS – Broken
Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel – White Knuckles

Son Lux – Side C 3
Lonely Guest, Tricky, feat Murkage Dave – Pay My Taxes

J Mascis – Sky Is All We Had
Metz – Pulse

Spiritualized – Das Beste Was Du Noch nie Hattest
Glenda Collins – It´s Hard To Believe

Monster Magnet – Epitaph For A Hero
Wiki – Not Today
APTBS – Nice Of You To Be There For Me
Je$u$ – – Steady Flow
The Warlocks – Hurricane Heart Attack
Lonely Guest, Oh Land – Under

Spiritualized – So Long You Pretty Things Pt. II

März 2022 – Frühlings erwachen

S Y P H – Zurück Zum Beton

Seaform Walls – You Always Said
APTBS – I´m Hurt

Mable Sheep – Fla Fla Heaven

Black Lips! – Ain´t No Deal

Killdozer – One Tin Soldier, The Legend Of Billy Jack

Miss Alex White – Movies

Cows – Chow

Gil Scott-Heron – Winter In America

The American Analog Set – The Only Living Boy Around

The Fall – The $500 Bottle Of Wine

You´ve Got Foetus On Your Breath – Wash It All Off

Brainiac – Flash Ram

Mission Of Burma – Get Off

Metz – Good, Not Great

APTBS – I Don´t Know How You Do It
Seaform Walls – Program
Gil Scott-Heron – Your Soul And Mine
Gil Scott-Heron – Parents (Interlude)
Gil Scott-Heron – I´ll Take Care Of You
The Fall – War
The Fall – Shut Up
Black Lips! – Everybody Loves A Cocksucker
Killdozer – Take The Money And Run

Spiritualized – So Long You Pretty Things Pt. II

August 2021 – Alles Grau!?

The Fall – Hit The North

DJ spricht

Swans – I Crawled

DJ spricht

Wolfmanhattan Project – Now Now Now
Demon’s Claws – Fucked On K

DJ spricht

Enon – Mr. Ratatata
Foetus – Shun

DJ spricht

Sonic Youth – Master=Dik EP Seite B
B1 Beat On The Brat
B2a Under The Influence Of The Jesus And Mary Chain / Ticket To Ride / Master=Dik (Version) / Introducing The Stars
B2b Ringo / He’s On Fire / Florida Oil Drums / Westminster Chimes
B2c Chinese Jam
B2d Vibrato / Guitar Lick / Funky Fresh
B2e Our Backyard
B3 Traffik

DJ spricht

Algiers – Plaque Years
Holly Golightly – Walk A Mile
Isobel Campbell And Mark Lanegan – Deus Ibi Est

Häschen – I Greet You
James Brown – I Don´t Mind

DJ spricht

Spiritualized – So Long You Pretty Thing Pt.2