Februar 2024 – Rück- / Vorblick

SYPH – Zurück Zum Beton

James Cleveland – I Need Jesus On My Journey

Abwärts – Unfall

Can – Don´t Turn The Light On, Leave Me Alonw
„to let“ mit Damo Suzuki – Light

The Fall – (Jung Nev´s) Antidotes

Danny Brown – Tantor

Lauryn Hill – Lost Ones
Aesop Rock – Forward Compatibility Engine
JPEGmafia & Danny Brown – Steppa Pig

Ditz – Summer Of The Shark
Goat – Under No Nation

Young Fathers – Shoot Me Down
Medicine Singers – Sunset

Foetus – Someone Who Cares (Ursula 1000 Mix „She Racer)

Wolfmanhattan Project – Respactable Pigs
J Mascis – Old Friends

Wolfmanhattan Project – Summer Forever
J Mascis – Right Behind You
James Cleveland – Drive The Devil Away
JPEGmafia & Danny Brown – Hoe (Heaven On Earth)
Aesop Rock – Living Curfew
Danny Brown – Bass Jam
Lauryn Hill – Superstar
Can – Deadlock
Abwärts – Monday On My Mind
„to let“ mit Damo Suzuki – Sane II

Spiritualized – So Long You Pretty Things Pt. II

Dezember 2023 – Wiederholung von September 2016 + 1 Stunde

Hier der Link zur Sendung vom September 2016


Im Anschluss noch einen schönen Mix

JPEGMAFIA x Danny Brown – Fentanyl Tester
Funkstörung – Chopping Heads w? Tes
Goat – Do The Dance
Young Fathers – Holy Moly
Wiki-Drug Supplier (feat Jesse James)
Medicine Singers – Sunrise (Rumble)
Jon Spencer & the HITmakers – Layabout Trap
!!! -Crazy Talk
Soham – beesong
Cherubs – Immaculada High – Tigers in The Sky
Aesop Rock x Blockhead – That is Not a Wizard
Danny Brown – Pneumonia

November 2023 – Pre X-Mas

SYPH – Zurück Zum Beton

Muse – Escape
The Armed – Everything´s Glitter

Show Me The Body – Demeanor
Tyler The Creator – Blessed & Juggernaut

The Form – Start Again
Perfections – YT502951D
Bleeding Hearts – This Is The Way
The Carpettes – Small Wonder

Nina Simone – The House Of The Rising Sun
Rod Stewart – My Way Of Giving

Cherubs – Pixie Stix & Carjack Fairy
Soham – Devil Town

The Heavy – What Happened To The Love?
Yak – Use Somebody

The Fall – Bound & This Perfect Day

Scramping Foetus Of The Wheel – Sick Man

Tyler The Creator – Fishtail

Spiritualized – So Long You Pretty Things Pt. II