Mai 2023 – Gospel Pt.II

Zurück Zum Beton (vom Moderator kurz angesungen)

Evangelist Rosie Wallace – Going Home
Little Richard – Joy, Joy, Joy

Spitting Images – Broadcast

Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy – Satanic Reverses
Run The Jewels – Goonies (ft. Ez)

Xaddax – Lives On Nerves
Nebulla – Aphrodite

The Reverend Kelsey – Shine For Jesus
James Cleveland & The Angelic Choir – In My Father´s Huse

Tina Turner – Ball Of Confusion

Cherubs – Dreamin´
Soham – Local Man

Young Fathers – Be Your Lady
Tricky – Tricky Kid

Galactic – Goose Gease
Galactic – Dance

Honeymoon In Red – Fields Of Fire
The Fall – Das Vulture

Dorothy Norwood & The Combined Choir – In The Morning

Xaddax – Sick Sneak
Harmonizing Four – Thank You Jesus
Spitting Images – Not This, Not This
Evangelist Rosie Wallace – The Lord Is My She
Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy – Hiphoprisy Is The Great Luxury
Little Richard – The Captain Calls For You
Cherubs – Mr. Coy (live)

Spiritualized – So Long You Pretty Things Pt. II

April 2023 – Gospel

S Y P H – Zurück Zum Beton

The Pop Group – We Are All Prostitutes

Galactic – Going Straight Crazy (feat. Princess Shaw)
Galactic – Clap Your Hands (feat. Miss Charm Taylor)

The Fall – New Putritan

Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel – Pigswill

Medicine Singers – Daybreak
Medicine Singers – Hawk Song

Panda Bear & Sonic Boom – Danger
Tropical Fuck Storm – Moonburn

Soham – Bee Song

The Roberta Martin Singers – Standing On The Promises
The Gospel Harmonettes – Till I Get Back There

Black Flag – Jealous Again
Echo & The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon

Unsane – Vandal X
Soham – Sane
Unsane – Streetsweeper

Show Me The Body – Not For Love

Young Fathers – Sink Or Swim
Young Fathers – Holy Moly

David Bowie – Life On Mars

Spiritualized – So Long You Pretty Things Pt. II

März 2023

S Y P H – Zurück Zum Beton

Pink Floyd – The Nile Song

Sex Pistols – Problems

Heaven 17 – Let´s All Make A Bomb

Young Fathers – Shout Me Down
Young Fathers – Ulatation

Tropical Fuck Storm – Aspirin (slight return)
Tropical Fuck Storm – Ann

Panda Bear & Sonic Boom – Livin´Ín The After
Panda Bear & Sonic Boom – Everything´s Been Leading To This

Band ohne Name – Ouverture
Band ohne Name – Local Man

Brainiac – Smothered Inside

The Go! Team – Divebomb
The Go! Team – Getting To Know

Nach dem Go! Team habe ich vergessen das Mikro einzuschalten und bin während des Gelabers rausgeflogen.

Februar 2023

S Y P H – Zurück Zum Beton

Medicine Singers – Shapeshifter
Goat – Under No Nation

Love 666 – Ball
God Bullies – She´s Wild

Chat Pile – The Mask
Birthday Party – Cry

Panda Bear & Sonic Boom – Edge Of The Edge
Panda Bear & Sonic Boom – In My Body

Big Joanie – Fall Asleep
Big Joanie – Used To Be Friends

Loop – Eolian
!!! – Man Of The Moon (FT. Meah Pace)

Band ohne Name – Friend³
Mule – Lucky

The Fall – Container Drivers
Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel – Pigswill

Young Fathres – Rice
Metz – Soft Whiteout

Goat – Goatmilk
!!! – Storm Around The Worl (Ft. Maria Uzor)
Medicine Singers – My Brother & Shootingstar Press
Panda Bear & Sonic Boom – Whirpool

Spiritualized – So Long You Pretty Things Pt. II