September 2023 -oT

SYPH – Zurück Zum Beton

The Armed – FKA World

Lovely Little Girls

Alternativew TV – How Much Longer
The Form – Start Again
Girls At Our Best – Getting Nowhere Fast
The Zips – Take Me Down

Fred McDowell – The Lord Will Make A Way

The Fall – Touch Sensetive
Scramping Foetus Of The Wheel

Nirvana – School
Mudhoney – The Further I Go

Vomitatrix – (live)
Soham – no title

Cherubs – Mr. Goy & Cockpit – Kiss The Shine

Show Me The Body – Boils Up

UGORY – Gneba
we watch clouds – Tom Curse

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Hot Shot
Laughing Hyenas – Slump

The Armed – Clone
The Armed – Modern Vanity

Spiritualized – So Long You Pretty Things Pt. II