Radio Juni – 2010

Health – Nice Girls
Liars – Here Comes All The People
Galactic (feat. Irma Thomas)- Heart Of Steel

Shuttleworth (feat. Mark E. Smith) – England’s Heartbeat
Three Johns – English White Boy Engineer
The Fall – Hot Cake

Killdozer – Cinnamon Girl
Cows – No I´m Not Coming Out
Zeni Geva – Burn Your Flesh Out

Magnetic Fields – The Book Of Love
Magnetic Fields – Nothing Matter When We´re Dancing
Magnetic Fields – The Luckiest Guy On The Lower East Side

Gil Scott-Heron – Storm Music
Blackroc (feat. Mos Dev) – Hard Times
Funksrörung (feat. Rub Sonnic) – Mr. Important

Galactic (feat. Irma Thomas)- Do It Again
Nottee – Control
Blind Willie Johnson – Take Your Burdon To The Lord

The Fall – Mexico Wax Solvent
Melt-Banana – Cracked Plaster Cast
TAR – Static

Cows – Death In The Tall Weeds
Cows – El Shiksa
Willie Mae Williams – Don´t Want To Go There

VB Schulzes Bernsteinzimmer – Creatures From Outer Space
Midnight Juggernauts – This New Technology
Liars – No Barriers Fun (by Duetonal)

Killdozer – River*

* paßte auf die Sekunde mit dem Sendeschluß