Radio Mai 2011

Alles für Bob Dylan

The Go! Team – Ready To Go Steady
Chain & The Gang – Why Not!
My Disco – Closer

Unknown – Blues In The Mississipi Night (recorded by Alan Lomax)

Fred McDowell – Woke Up This Morning
Charles Smith – Pull Me Out The Water
George Perkins – Cryin´ In The Streets

P.I.L. – F.F.F.
Wedding Present – Everyone Thinks He LookDaft
Three Johns – Death Of The European

Queens Of The Sone Age – Regular John
Mini Mansions – The Room Outside
Debbie Harry & Franz Ferdinand – Live Alone

The Fall – Impression Of J. Temperance
The Style Council – The Big Boss Groove
Der Plan – Ich bin Ein Komputer

“to let” mit Damo Suzuki – Get
Three Johns – World Of The Workers
My Disco – A Turreted Berg

Intriya Ag Babo – Taliat
Tamikrest – Fassous Tarahnet
Tamikrest – Nak Amadjar Nidounia