November 2001

Tag: 21.11.2001

Zeit: 20-21 Uhr

band track record titel year label typ
John Cale Leaving it up to you Helen Of Troy 1975 Island 12 inch
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 My pal the tortoise Strangers From The Universe 1994 Matador CD
Pain Killer Tortured souls Buried Secrets 1991 Earache CD
Cutthroats 9 Prey Anger Managment 2001 Reptilian CD
Slug Hambone City Hambone City 1993 SFTRI 7 inch
Big Black Rema-Rema Live 2001 n.b. 7 inch
Vaz Hey One Cell Hey One Cell 1998 Reptilian 7 inch
Firecrackers Showdown n.t. 2001 eigen CD
Chrome Cranks Hot blonde cocktail Love In Exile 1996 PCP 12 inch
Fugazi Epic problem The Argument 2001 Dischord 12 inch
Fugazi Five corporations End Hits 1998 Dischord 12 inch
Arab On Radar Cocaine mummy Yahwey Or The Highway 2001 Skin Graft 12 inch
American Analog Set On my way The Fun Of Watching Fireworks 1996 Trance Syndicate 12 inch