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17. August 2005
Jesus & The Mary Chain - Never Understand
Art Brut - Bang Bang Rock´N´ Roll
The Kills - At The Back Of The Shell
Nine Inch Nails - The Collector
Tokyo Sex Destruction - The Bridge
ZZZ - Sweet Sex
Unsane - Get Down
Digger & the Pussycat - Fashion Victim
Koufax - Isabelle
Gang Of Four - Contract
The Fall - Mad Mock Goth
Fred & Annie Nae McDowell - Get Right Church
20. Juli 2005
Goldenen Zitronen - Ohne Beine Die Sportschau sehen
The Fall - Mr. Pharmacist
The Evans - All These Governors
Anna & The Psychomen Men - My Baby Needs To Rock ´N´ Roll
Art Brut - Moving To La
Leonard Cohen - Diamonds In Your Mine
Bad Egg Salad - Big Rip Off
The Slits - Men Next Door
Gang Of Four - At Home He Feels Like A Tourist
The Fatals - Living My Bed
DJ Zebra - Voodoo Stripes
Goldenen Zitronen - Zitronenmord
Honey Is Cool - Zanzibar
Aerogramme - Indiscretion #243
15. Juni 2005
Ursula 1000 - Kinda Kinky
Dinosaur Jr - In The Jar
Dazzling Killmen - Medicine Me
Big Black - Heartbeat
Nine Inch Nails - Home
White Stripes - The Nurse
The Fall - Protein Protection
Hospitals - Arab  Habab
Digger & the Pussycat - Better Of Dead
Digger & the Pussycat - Coming To Get You
Demon´s Claws - Blood On My Fangs
These Arms Are Snake - Big News
18. Mai 2005
Digger & the Pussycat - Motorbike
Stereophonics - Pedalpusher
Thievery Corporation - Pela Janela
Unsane - Got It Down
Martini Henry Rifles - Slash The Seats
The Fall - Das Vulture Ans Ein Nutter-wain
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Flavour
team9 vs beck vs acdc vs micheal jackson - e-pro vs scream vs tnt
Todd - Hog Blood River
Dinosaur Jr. - Why Don´t You Like Me
Money Mark - Burn Away
20.April 2005
All Girl Summer Fun Band - Ticking Timebomb
The Evens - Grude Bomb
Geez´n´Gosh - Mother Showed Me ( The Way To Go)
Help She Can´t Swim
The Fall - Victoria
Moneybrother - They ´re Building Walls Around Us
Stereophonic - Girl
Juliette & The Licks - American Boy
Todd - Butlers Portion
Thievery Cooperation - Sol Tapado
Moving Units - Avialable
Warmers - The Lowdown
16.März 2005
Aerogramme - Dreams & Bridges (mp3)
The Stooges - Little Doll (s/t, LP Elektra)
The Fall - Prole Threat (Slates, 10", Rough Trade)
The Kills - All Shooked Up (No Wow, LP, Rough Trade)
Flying Luttenbacher - Clank  (Revenge Of..., LP, Skin Graft)
Clash - Bored With The USA (s/t, LP CBS)
Art Brut - Bad Weekend, (7", Rough Trade)
Faint - I Disappear, (Wet from Birth, Saddle Creek)
Art Brut - Modern Art (s/t, 7" Rough Trade)
Beck - Nobody's Fault but My Own, (Mutations, LP, Bong Load)
Alan Lomax  - Black Betty (Collection, LP)
The Fever  - The Slow Club (Red Bedroom, CD, Kemado)
Negro Prison Song - 2 Tracks (LP Arhoolie)


16.Februar 2005
Blues Explosion - Fed Up & Low Down (Damage, LP Mute)
Rev. Edward W. Clayborn - Then We´ll Need That  True Religon (LP Arhoolie)
Tokyo Sex Destruction - I Ain´t Gonna Be Bad No More (Black Noise Is The New Sound!, LP, Trans Solar)
Elvis Presley - All Shooked Up (10" Box, RCA)
New Brutalism - 054_4:15 (Territorial ..., EP, ABCGroup)
Negro Proson Songs - Rosie (LP Arhoolie)
Nine Inch Nails - Somewhat Damaged (The Fragile, LP, Nothing)
The Fall - I´m Frank (Extrcate.., LP, COG Sinister)
Art Brut - Modern Art (s/t, 7" Rough Trade)
Helmet - Unsung (7", AMREP)
Black Keys - When The Lights Go Out (Rubber Factory, LP, Fat Possum)
Aerogramme - Dreams & Bridges (mp3)


18.Januar 2005
Art Brut - My Little Brother (s/t, 7" Rough Trade)
Camera Obscura - To Paint The Kettle Back (7" Three On G.)
Fred Mc Dowell - I Ain´t Gonna Be Bad No More (Vol. 2, LP, Arhoolie)
Lost In Music, Gilles Smith (Buch)
Cleaners From Venus - A Man For Our Time (Legendary Thirteen EP, 7" Pink Lemon)
The Fall - The Past (The Real New.., LP, Narnack Rec.)
King Khan & His Shrines - Burnin´ Inside (split w/ Dirtbombs - Billards At.., LP Subterrania Rec.)
New Brutalism - 049_4:05 (Territorial ..., EP, ABCGroup)
Fleisch ist mein Gemüse, Heinz Strunk (Buch, 2004, rororo)
A5 - Reeperbahn (Hit oder Niete, 7", NoFun)
Art Brut - Modern Art (s/t, 7" Rough Trade)
Othar Turner Rising Fife & Drum Band - Station Blues (Field Rec., 7", Shangri La Rec.
Dirtbombs - Born In A Haunted Barn (look King Khan & His Shrines)
A5 - Fleisch muß sein (Hit oder Niete, 7", NoFun)


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