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Special: Kreuz & Quer

Tag: 20.02.2002

Zeit: 20-21 Uhr

band track record titel year label typ
Spiritualized On Fire Let It Come Down 2001 Arista 12 inch
Steel Pole Bath Tub Train To Miami The Miracle Of Sound In Motion 1993 Boner 12 inch
Barkmarket Mercaneries (Ready For War) 1-800-Godhouse 1988 Purge Sound League 12 inch
Mule Mama´s Reason To Cry s/t 1993 Quarter Stick 12 inch
Iggy & The Stooges Penetration Raw Power 1973 Columbia 12 inch
Laughing Hyenas That Girl Merry Go Round 1987 Touch & Go 12 inch
Happy Flowers ... A Wire Brush They Cleaned My Cut Out With ... 1988 Homestead 7 inch
Jam, The Start Dig The New Breed 1982 Metronome 12 inch
Cherubs Baby Huey Heroinman 1994 Trance Syndicate 12 inch
Hole Gutless Live Through This 1994 Geffen 12 inch
Big´n Moonshine Discipline Through 1996 Skin Graft 12 inch
Bob Log III Big Ass Hard On School Bus 1998 Fat Possum 12 inch
Spiritualized Stop Your Crying Let It Come Down 2001 Arista 12 inch


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