Radio Januar – 2010

These Immortal Souls – I Ate The Knife
Birthday Party – Dim Locator
Boys Next Door – A Catholic Skin
Crime & The City Solution – Right Man, Wrong Man
Honeymoom In Red – Done Dun
Penthouse – A Deviant Soiree
The Fall – That Man
Jay Reatard – It´s So Easy
Jay Reatard – My Shadow
Birthday Party – Sonny’s Burning
Honeymoom In Red – Come Fall
Birthday Party – Several Sins
Fred McDowell – When The Train Comes Along
These Immortal Souls – Hej Little Child

This Is Pop

am 29. Januar ist es mal wieder soweit, ich lege im Polyester in Oldenburg auf, Am Stadtmuseum 15. Das Motto ist, wie immer This Is Pop.

Flyer Polyester