This Is Pop

Hej Folks,

am 20. November ist es mal wieder soweit, ich lege in der Umbaubar in Oldenburg auf, jetzt Donnerschweer Str. 27 (Hotel Hegeler). Das Motto ist, wie immer This Is Pop.


This Is Pop in der Umbaubar 11_2009

Flyerartwork by inque77

Radio November 2009

David Bowie – Diamond Dogs
Pissed Jeans – Half Idiot
Cherubs – Dave Of The Moon
Les Hate Pinks – Electrocute Your Cock
Les Hate Pinks – The City Of The Pig
Marvelous Darlings – The Only Ones For Miles
Les Hate Pinks -Tupperware Love
Dead Kennedys – Halloween
Dead Kennedys – Terminal Preppie
Dead Kennedys – Trust Your Mechanic
King Khan & BBQ Show – TASTEBUDS
Monks – Monk Time
The Fall – Is This New
Health – In Heat